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The Best Downloads of the Web!
This is my shareware and freeware page. Its the best software you can find on the Web!

I Am The Gre's Hot Games
A great place for games! You MUST check this site out. Many links to cool sites, even a search feature!

A loaded Star Wars site!

More than 75 Star Wars Links! Pictures, sounds and midi's. Check it out!"

"Great Entertainment Sites"

X-files Site, the truth is out there...
Cartoon Simpsons fans look no further.
This is not a Baywatch page, DON'T go here!
Go to the Dilbert Zone.
Check out Starwave.
Great software at Microsofts' Home Page.
Find any e-mail address at ''

Ftp Sites, great for downloading...if you know the exact file name..."

Check out my pages!
New Shareware from the Web! Updated every 2 weeks.
Under construction
Download Movie Trailers + Clips [Under Construction]

Your Web Pages
The Wolves' Den, a great Star Wars Page.
Life after 40 A crafty webpage! Check it out.
Search Engines....


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