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Skelman's New Shareware

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I will try to update this page every 1 to 3 weeks with new and useful shareware programs.
Since 11/11/96, a total ofof you have been here. Just ask yourself, why?
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Let the downloads begin!

Kahn for Windows 95 ---988 Kb--- My Pick of the Month!
k95091.exe GET IT NOW!!
Kahn for Windows 95 turns your TCP/IP Internet connection into a virtual IPX protocol network. This means that you can easily play IPX enabled games (Monster Truck Madness, Doom II, Warcraft II, Duke 3-D, Quake, etc..) against opponents located anywhere in the world, without the need for a commercial network gaming service. Kahn is currently the only multiplayer game system that supports Winsock IPX games.

Title Fight Pro Boxing --2mb--
Tomb Raider, a GREAT 3-D game! --2.1mb--
FreeStyle for Windows '95 --2.9mb-- Make your own Music.
PowerDesk, enhance Explorer and your desktop to compress files! --1.3mb--
Site #1 pdeval20.exe
Site #2 pdeval20.exe
Jet Fighter III beta for Windows '95 --9.4mb--
Death Rally! Get the shoot-em-up racing game --6.7mb-- It's pretty cool!
Site #1
Site #2
Direct X2, make your own games! They will work! HUGE DOWNLOAD 33 Megs!
dx2sdk.exe Get it, yes you!

Encrypt-o-text, encrypt your e-mail with a password! --268kb-- Totally private e-mail!
Kernel Toys, Window 95 add-ons, pretty cool. --57kb-- So small, just download it!
Winzip 6.2 [32 bit] --614kb-- The best unzipper is better than before!
Site #1 winzip95.exe
Site #2 winzip95.exe
Site #3 winzip95.exe
3D Atlas for Windows 95' --668kb-- Whoa! Get it!
Site #1
Site #2
A new background-midi file every two weeks!
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